As Global Operations Director of Safe Industries, you have been tasked with preventing the extinction of the entire global human population for as long as you can. You have complete control over how you accomplish this task. Using the ARK Command Carrier as your main base of operations.

You will be able to move your Ark around within range of country cities around the globe, buy, sell and research equipment, recruit marines, scientists, diplomats, doctors, and advisors, send out Safeteams to complete missions by air or ground, send out planes to nuke, bombard, infect and scavenge countries as well as try to negotiate with their governments.

Every decision you make not only affects the spread of the zombie outbreak but also the diplomatic relations you have with the rest of the global governments.

The day the rest of the human population reaches zero will be the day you are, obviously, terminated as G.O.D.


This is your global overview where you can see all countries represented by their current active city icon. These icons can be tapped on to perform different actions and view further menus.

If the city icon is flashing it means there is an infection (and real-time mission) in that city. Tapping on the icon will show you the possible actions you can take depending on the situation.


This is your global communications area where daily events, orders for equipment and covert requests are shown.


This section contains your recruited Safe Industries personnel split up into their respective specialized department teams. All personnel can be further explored by TAPPING their name.


This is your Ark’s internal requisition system. From here you can purchase equipment for using in missions, defending your Ark and selling to governments, or labs to research new technology. Equipment will be delivered to the Ark immediately from a secure Safe Industries facility while labs will be automatically set up on the labs deck.

You can also transfer equipment to and from your ARK / FOBs, if your Ark is within range of a particular FOB.


Once you decide to deply your safeteam into a mission, you will see information about your mission, such as potential payment, available support, mission zone photo. More importantly, here is where you choose your mission safeteam, weapons to equip, and vehicles to deploy into the mission zone.


Q: How do I get access to underground bases?

A: You will need to trigger the first story-driven event which occurs if you have researched 2 particular technologies and have at least 2 crew in your SCIENTISTS team. Once you complete the first story-driven event (which is completed in the first underground base you are directed to), you will be able to find lift platforms to underground bases in any CLEAR OUTBREAK mission zones.

Q: How do I get more marine recruits?

A: Marine recruits can be found during scavenging a country, rescuing VIPs or encountering a survivalist in the underground bases.

Q: How do I get the new weapons?

A: There are currently 11 governments that are willing to supply you new types of weapons in the 4 standard categories; shotguns, sub-machine guns, machine guns, and sniper rifles. If one of these countries has LOYAL diplomatic relations with you they will offer to supply you their weapon. Note: Only one government per day will offer to supply their weapon.

Q: Do i need to kill every zombie in a mission?

A: Nope! For all mission types, as long as you complete the primary objective, you can e-vac from the mission and achieve a successful mission. Completing the secondary objective (which is usually clear outbreak) you will simply receive more payment. For Clear Outbreak mission type, you can still e-vac without killing all zombies and achieve an incomplete mission thereby getting a smaller payment. For missions that you haven't cleared all the zombies, you can go back and do the mission at any time since the rest of the city will still be infected. The mission zone (and sometimes the mission type) will likely change to somewhere else in the infected city until all zombies are cleared (killed).

Q: What's the difference between the Outbreak settings in the options screen?

A: Outbreak levels range from Outbreak Class 2 (easy) to Outbreak Class 4 (hard). In Class 2, the infection spreads slowly through cities and the average number of zombies you'll see in the mission zone at any one time is around 25. In Class 4, the infection spreads more rapidly through the cities and the average number of zombies you'll see at any one time is around 100 - the rest of the zombies in the city slowly make their way into your mission zone as time goes by. Take note that once a city has been infected 100%, the infection will begin to spread outwards and infect other cities (this can be seen by the enlarging red circles on the tactical map by TAPPING the biohazard icon tab). If a number of cities appear to be infected constantly, try and source for the originating city (the one that has the largest red circle), eliminating the outbreak from that city will slow the spread of infection to other cities dramatically. Another thing to take note of is even if you have the game set to Class 2 in the options screen, you will still encounter more zombies then normal for that Class IF your safe team marines are highly ranked.

Q: How do i access weapons my marines pick up in mission?

A: Simply 'SWIPE-UP' their tab and their inventory panel will open up. From there whichever weapon you TAP will become equipped. Take note, certain weapons can't be picked up if your marine's stats don't meet the weapon's requirements.

Q: How do i research a technology project?

A: Go to the Supply Store, TAP the R&D LABS tab. Scroll through the different labs and select which you want to purchase by dragging the lab over your Ark. Then TAP the SELECT button next to your Ark and TAP the lab you wish to setup. From here you can choose which project you want research and which scientists you want to work in the lab. Once a technology project is 100% complete the scientists will begin developing that technology (Which means that if you have the TFC Lab, units will be added to your stockpile).

Q: How do i access the Zombie Saw Turret in-mission support type?

A: You first need to complete research of the Zombie Turret. You'll need a weaponry lab, an engineering lab and finally the TFC Lab (Tech Fab which is used to fabricate technology units). The Zombie Turret is the only technology you need to fabricate units for in order to use them in missions. Note, zombie saw turrets only activate when touched by zombies so they have no effect on marines, vips OR rebels.

Q: How do i sell units from my technology stockpile?

A: Any country that has a diplomatic relation with you that is indifferent, friendly, or very friendly will submit requisition orders to you for whatever stocks you have, be it technology from your r&d labs or other military equipment from the flight deck. It's up to you to decide who to sell to and if what they're offering is worth it. New requisition orders occur each day and those you don't accept on that day will be removed.

Q: Can I move the super cobra I called in a mission to another position?

A: Yup! You can TAP the super cobra and a rotating blue circle will appear above it. TAP anywhere else on the mission zone and the cobra will slowly move there. Try not to position the cobra above buildings (or blow up the buildings first!) as it won't be able to accurately target zombies. Note, cobras only target zombies and rebels, so your marines and VIPs are safe from friendly fire.

Q: Why does it look like the HVL shots through objects?

A: It's simple, the HVL uses powerful nano-magnets to propel ammo at incredible speeds so that they penetrate through vehicles, trees, fences, etc and continue hitting things beyond until its maximum range is reached.

Q: Why is the B2-Spirit so bloomin' expensive?

A: We've tried to keep the prices of military equipment as realistic as possible. It's also highly likely that we will add story-driven events in a future update that will allow players to make use of B2 bombers without purchasing them first.

Q: Why does the infection spread so fast when I'm only playing Outbreak Class 2?

A: Update v1.1.0 fixes the issue where the default option setting for Outbreak Class indicated was 2 but the game had it set to 4 by default. You can manually cycle through to Class 2 in v1.0.1 and the infection spread should correctly set to Easy mode (ie; slow global infection).

Q: When I successfully complete a mission why does the country become re-infected?

A: This is because there is another country that has a city with a large infection radius overlapping the country you just cleared. TAP the biohazard icon in the tactical map and look for the country city that has a large red infection radius. Clearing that city will prevent rapid re-infection to other cities. We will be tweaking re-infection so that it will only reoccur the next day and not the same day you completed a mission.

Q: Why don't I make (fabricate) items I've researched ?

A: You need to purchase the TFC (Technology Fabrication Centre, scroll to the end of the labs list to purchase it, cost: 55,500,000). Once you have the TFC, any research technology that has been completed (100% researched) can be fabricated for your own use as well as being available for purchase by other governments. You will have to have at least 1 scientist in a lab assigned to that technology in order to continue fabrication of that technology. For example to fabricate the zombie saw turret (if research is completed), would require either a WEAPONRY or ENGINEERING (or both) lab with zombie saw turret assigned as the current project. You would also then need at least 1 scientist in that lab in order to continue fabrication. The more scientists in the relevant lab, the more units that are fabricated each day.

Q: How much experience (XP) is required for each rank?

A: Lance Corporal=500 / Corporal=1,500 / Sergeant=3,000 / Staff Sergeant=5,000 / Gunnery Sergeant=7,500 / First Sergeant=10,500 / Sergeant Major=14,000 / Warrant Officer=18,000 / Chief Warrant Officer=22,500 / Lieutenant=30,000 / Captain=35,000 / Major=45,000 / Colonel=75,000 / General=150,000 / Elite S1=350,000 / Elite S2=750,000 / Elite S3=1,500,000 / Elite S4=3,000,000 / Elite S5=5,000,000

Q: How can I find the M134S?

A: At the start of your career only the MACHETE, M9S, MOSSBERG 500S and MAC-10S are available to your Safe Team. Within each mission zone there will always be several weapons crates that can be found within different buildings. To make new weapons 'available' from the Mission Briefing weapons list, you need to find the next 'unavailable' weapon in the list. For example, to make the RPG7S available to your Safe Team, you will first have to find the M4A1S, then the M25S, then the KATANA. (To make them available, you only need to find them in the mission zone, you don't need to equip them - as some weapons such as the Katana require a marine to have bravery (BRV=10)). To make the M134S available, you would need to have found the KATANA. However, since the M134S is a very powerful weapon, it will only begin appearing in missions once you have at least 1 general in your Safe Team. Once you find the M134S, it will always be available from then on in the Mission Briefing to any rank of marine as long as they have Strength (STR=10).

Q: Why don't countries become less hostile when I clear an outbreak?

A: The diplomatic relation between Safe Industries and a country does improve slightly upon completing missions successfully. The better a player does in the mission the more the relationship will improve. However, since each diplomatic relation is based on an actual level number that ranges from negative to positive, the relationship change may not always be apparent. The following depicts the 5 displayed diplomatic relations of a country based on their actual diplomacy level (this number is never shown to players): HOSTILE <-74 / UNFRIENDLY >-75 <-24 / INDIFFERENT >-25 FRIENDLY >+24 <+75 / LOYAL >+75 The most effective way to positively increase diplomatic relations with a country is to CONCILIATE with them.

Q: How can I get Doctors, Diplomats, Scientists, Advisors?

A: You can get them in 2 ways; 1) By rescuing VIPs (you will see at the mission debriefing screen a list of rescued VIPs - some of which will be special VIPs with specific jobs such as doctors, etc. These VIPs can be recruited, so you can simply select their RECRUIT button next to their names and they will join your Ark crew (just take note that if you recruit them the country won't pay you bonus money for rescuing them - you can experiment with this by selecting and deselecting RECRUIT buttons in the rescued VIP lists and see how your total mission payment changes. 2) By scavenging in countries. The more diplomatically friendly a country is to you the better items you will find, and sometimes you will be lucky enough to find a special VIP while scavenging. After you have some specialist crew members, you can still always change their job function to something else and they will slowly gain skill in their new jobs.

Q: If a marine gets infected what can I do?

A: Marines that become infected (by coming into contact with a zombie), will slowly lose health until they die and they themselves become zombies. If you have not yet researched 'inhibitor' or 'neutraliser' you can send your marine to the e-vac (once landed) to prevent them from losing more health (however that marine will have to stay onboard the e-vac otherwise the moment they get off (by tapping their marine tab), their health will continue to deteriorate). If you have researched 'inhibitor', your infected marine will automatically get an inhibitor booster when they board the e-vac. This will slow the infection down by 50%. The best solution is researching the 'neutraliser', which will remove the infection completely and allow your marine to continue fighting, however it won't prevent the marine from being re-infected which simply requires the player to send that marine back to the e-vac for another neutraliser boost.

Q: Why do my funds get deducted the moment i press the negotiate button during conciliation?

A: This was a feature request from most fans, that when negotiating, the amount you decide to negotiate will be deducted right away. So now you will need to choose more wisely how much chance you have for succeeding before you negotiate. However, diplomatic relations will increase more now in relation to the amount of your negotiated payment.

Q: How does the new AIRSTRIKE feature work?

A: As of V1.1.4 players can now deploy AIRSTRIKES, either against the air operational readiness (OpRdy) of unfriendly>hostile countries OR against clear outbreak mission zones (ie; missions with only zombies). A country's Air OpRdy, determines how ready they are to deploy fighters. Whether they actually do so depends on their diplomatic relations with you. Each day, country's will try to rebuild/increase their Air OpRdy, however once a country's Air OpRdy reaches 0%, they will no longer be able to rebuild it. If choosing to AIRSTRIKE a country, you can choose how many F18s you will send in a sortie to bombard that country's airfields/fighters. The larger the sortie the better chance of higher damage % inflicted. Assigning Advisors to your flight deck crews also improves your sortie's success chances. Be warned though, sending F18s on airstrikes against countries may result in loss of any number of your F18s in the sortie. Survival chance is again increased by assigning advisors to your flight deck crews. If choosing to AIRSTRIKE a mission zone, you can choose how many F18s you will send in a sortie to bombard the zombie outbreak throughout the current infected city. More F18s means more zombies destroyed. And this type of airstrike is safe, no losses can result from a mission airstrike, however you can never completely clear an infected city using airstrikes alone, hence you will still always need to clean up and complete the mission using your safe team. As a note, each F18 on your Ark can be sent out on a single sortie per day. You can send out different F18s on numerous sorties, or groups of them on less sorties. The airstrike LAUNCH button will indicate how many F18s will be in the sortie and how many in total are ready for action.

Q: Why does the country menu sometimes show SCAVENGE and other times AIRSTRIKE, even though the countries are both unfriendly?

A: Other then hostile countries, unfriendly countries who are close to becoming hostile may very well send airstrikes against your Ark, as opposed to a country who's unfriendly but has no interest in attacking your Ark. If an unfriendly country may attack then you have the option of deploying an airstrike against them, otherwise you have the option of scavenging.

Q: How do I assign scientists to a project?

A: Any scientists assigned to a lab automatically work (research/develop) the lab's currently set project. You assign projects to Labs from the SUPPLY SCREEN > LABS tab > SETUP button (zooms into labs deck). Then when you are in the labs setup view, you can click on any lab and select which project will be set as the lab's current project. Once research is completed (100%), then the scientists automatically develop (manufacture) the project stock (provided you have purchased the TFC fabrication centre lab).


Get the low-down how to trigger the story event, the countries which supply new weapons, and other spoiler info right here.

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